01662nam#a2200205#i#450# 2800 20240412171849.5 20210804d2021####ek#y0engy0150####ca 978-1-4946-0024-2 ENG xxu General. SOC000000 Экономические науки. Основные понятия. Стоимость. Капитал.Фонды. 330.1 Grodskiy, Vladimir Sergeevich Самарский государственный технический университет ECONOMICS: THE COMPLETION OF THE “DISPUTE OF TWO CAMBRIDGES” Monography San Francisco Academus Publishing 2021 321 p. The monograph for the first time comprehensively investigates two main areas of modern economics - mainstream and ‘neo-Ricardianism’, which are in a state of the so-called ‘dispute of two Cambridges’. The theoretical advantages and disadvantages of the directions are shown, as well as specific proposals for their synthesis. The author’s interpretations of many issues of economic theory are presented, aimed at increasing its consistency, logical persistence and predictability of further development. Addressed to researchers, graduate students and teachers, specializing in the field of economics. retroeconomic theory, the two Cambridges dispute, neoricardianism, mainstream economics, positive normative research methodology, marketer, production technology, sociology of production, production criterion, salary of production 10.31519/0024-2 There is an electronic copy academuspub.com