01560nam#a2200217#i#450# 2239 20240518125200.6 20180401d2018####ek#y0engy0150####ca 978-1-49-460009-9 ENG xxu International / Taxation. BUS064020 Taxation / General. BUS064000 Taxation. LAW086000 Aronov, Alexander Vladimirovich Institute of Public Service and Human Resource Management, Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration Kashin, Vladimir Anatol'evich Plekhanov Russian University of Economics Pankov, Victor Vasil'evich Plekhanov Russian University of Economics BASICS OF TAXATION Textbook San Francisco Academus Publishing 2018 84 p. A comprehensive overview of modern taxation and the primary ways and methods of tax administration are presented in this textbook. Along with the basics of general theory and practice of taxes and taxation, general information on taxes and their types are provided in the first two parts of the textbook. The third part deals with the problems of tax administration, and effective work regarding various types of taxes. Essential information on international tax relations and agreements to reduce (or eliminate) the effect of international double taxation is given in the fourth part. Business, investing, education 10.31519/textbook_5d4c3df39a30e1.79923708 There is an electronic copy academuspub.com