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Abstract (English):
The work contains a synthesis of diverse information on various logistics management tools of business entities in material systems, including tools for process analysis of logistics activities, partnerships in logistics, multi-level strategies, logistics information system, evaluation of the effectiveness of logistics activities and integrated analysis of the external environment. Logistic approaches to management of business entities at the macro-and micro-level are proposed. The authors pay special attention to the information support of logistics activities. The second edition of this monograph was finalized taking into account the realities of the current situation in the economy. Much of the published in the first edition has been applied in practice, and also developed in the research of our colleagues. For specialists working in the logistics structures of companies in various fields and fields of activity, as well as teachers, researchers, students, undergraduates and graduate students, as well as all those interested in the development of logistics in Russia.

Logistics, supply chain management, logistics information system, process analysis, development strategy
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