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Abstract (English):
The changes of the sea level in the Atlantic, Pacific, Indian Oceans and the whole World Ocean for the period from 1880 till 2010 years were examined. The estimates of the values of the sea level increasing for that time period in each of the oceans and on the west and east coasts of the Atlantic and Pacific oceans were made. For this purpose, the annual sea level data were averaged over years for 68 stations in the Atlantic Ocean, 71 stations – in the Pacific and 33 stations – the Indian. Analysis of the temporary distributions of the sea level shows that increasing of the Atlantic sea level during that period (131 years) is 24,2 cm. Sea levels of Pacific and Indian Oceans during the same period increased on smaller value, 14,5 and 12,4 cm respectively. The reason for difference between the Atlantic and the Pacific Ocean in values of sea level rising, as it seems, is significant rising of the land (raising of the East coast of the Asian continent), which was occurred in about half of the stations on the west coast of the Pacific. In the Indian Ocean the zero level of water posts was not correct for many stations, and in some cases there were low quality data. The highest maxima in the sea level in the generalized curves of the temporary distributions appear with about 10-year cycles on the sea level of all oceans that is in good correlation with El Niño years.


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