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Abstract (English):
East coast is the most storm part of the Black Sea because extent of the water area of the Black Sea more than 800 km. In a year there are about 17 days strong storm. Almost rectilinear outlines of the coast on a site from the river Tuapse to river Psou testify to destructive force of storm at low durability of the rocks composing the coast. The wave mode in the high sea can be determined by standard fields of a wind which build with use of weather maps. For a basis of typification take the direction and gradation of speed of a wind for that part of the water area within which it is required to define elements of waves. The main lack of a method is a short row – 10 years therefore the forecast for 25, 50 and 100 years on this row is estimated. Besides, for the district of Sochi the considerable share of excitements of a ripple (50–75 %) which are formed in different areas of the sea is characteristic. Therefore for this region any settlement method for wind excitement in the high sea won't reflect the actual mode of excitement and parameters of waves at the coast. Therefore in this case it is necessary to use all available actual data on excitement at probably bigger depth of supervision and all data on impact of the maximum storm on the coast in similar to the area of research conditions. The most qualitative for the considered coast are materials of supervision in Pitsunda. For application of these data for other sites of the coast taking into account a refraction recalculation of these supervision from shallow water is made for excitement of the deep sea. These data can be used for calculation of elements of waves on the Sochi coast. For the accounting of features of a wave mode at construction of such responsible and expensive constructions as ports, creation of new wave posts for long-term supervision is necessary. Especially it is actual in the Adler district of the city of Sochi where parameters of extreme storm are estimated generally on the put damage, instead of on series of observations over excitement. Tool supervision over excitement were carried out on northern to a pier of the Sochi port after the completion of its construction and allowed to define instrumentalno wave loads of a hydraulic engineering construction during a storm. Again created constructions of Mzymta seaport on the coast of the Imeretinsky bay and created during reconstruction of the Sochi seaport a new northern pier could form base for the organization of tool supervision over excitement on rather big depths near 15–20 M that it is quite enough for supervision of the maximum waves to their collapse.

Especially it is actual in the Adler district

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