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Abstract (English):
The significant part of mankind lives in the coastal zone of the seas which plays the important role in the economic development of the seaside states. Now tendencies of coast destruction and significant influence of anthropogenous factors on the coastal zone are in the center of scientific community attention. The basic purpose of the project is the creation of new ideas about interaction of hydrosphere and lithosphere in the coastal zone with intensive anthropogenous load conditions. In 2011 the brief characteristic of evolution of coast based on literature and field materials has been made and measurements of highfrequency fluctuations of the suspended sediment concentration in storm conditions in area of Red River delta (Vietnam) were conducted. Such works were carried out by joint efforts of the Russian and Vietnamese researchers for the first time. The combination of new and already available at the both parties’ data allows receiving interesting results and elucidating in a new fashion the problem of our countries coastal management.


1. Nguen Manh Hung, Kos’an R.D., Podymov I.S., Sokolov V.A., 2011. A Vietnam-Russia field survey for studying of the near shore dynamic and sediment processes at the Red river delta // In book “International cooperation on investigation and research of marine natural resource and environment”. Publishing house for science and technology, Hanoi. P. 152-162.

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