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The problems of formation of the risk of a tsunami on the coast of the southern regions of the Far East Federal District. As the risk factors used features such as the relative position of the epicenters of tsunamigenic earthquakes and the coast, the underwater terrain coast, the degree of closeness of the studied bays, the presence or absence of wide beach and the first marine terraces, flowing into the characteristics of the studied coast estuaries. The factors subjected to expert estimates, taking into account their influence on the formation of the risk of a tsunami. The characteristics of the underwater topography, location in relation to the shores and bays of the epicenters of tsunamigenic earthquakes are estimated as zonal factors. Characteristics of marine terraces and river valleys are treated as local risk factors. For the first time for the coasts of Primorye and Khabarovsk area made of consequences of historical tsunamis: the presence of the devastation on the shores endured the tsunami waves from the open sea into the rivers and beaches ships, coast erosion, as well as descriptions of eyewitnesses. Characteristics of risk assessments are preceded by the WHO as areas of possible foci of tsunamigenic earthquakes, fault description and characteristics of buildings coasts. Risk assessment of the tsunami produces by the method proposed by G. Koff et al. The following characteristics was taken into account: the nature of the underwater coastal slope, exposure, banks in relation to the tsunami, the presence of the beach or I marine terrace, the presence of river valleys in the rear of the bay, the degree of openness of the bay. Overall, Nakhodka Bay and the Vostok Bay have the same performance tsunami -28,2 points. However, within these bays be provided with separate bays, with a higher risk assessment tsunami. Tsunami response coasts was made for these areas for the first time. Analysis of the materials allowed to identify the most tsunami zone, and to recommend the use of certain sections of the proposed development.


Рассматриваются вопросы формирования риска цунами на побережье южных регионов Дальневосточного федерального округа. В качестве факторов риска используются такие характеристики, как взаимное расположение эпицентров цунамигенных землетрясений и берегов, подводный рельеф побережья, степень закрытости исследуемых бухт, наличие или отсутствие пляжа и широкой первой морской террасы, характеристики впадающих в изучаемые берега устьев рек.


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