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Abstract (English):
El Tamarindo beach, located 240 km to the East from San Salvador, La Union Department, in the entrance of Fonseca gulf, surrounded by vulcans like Conchagua, is a very good example of the many natural talents that offer the amazing nature of the El Salvador in its about 300 km of Pacific coast. A coast and beaches that many tour agencies or developer planners would dream to find in their own homes.

Central America

Good weather, nice people, unique nature and cultural heritage in a pristine environment. Unfortunately, places like El Tamarindo or the turtles beach in the Las Hojas resort are not seen as attractive to invest as beaches like El Tunco, where the surfers have found a perfect train of wave to ride. The opportunity and some incipient ideas about the possibilities from the El Salvador coast and the relevant importance into the development of the economy of the country, and the way it has to be done let us confront and to analyze concepts in the old Integral Coastal Zone Management.


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