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Materials of XXV International Coastal Conference "Coastal zone - a look into the future"
978-5-89118-666-8 (print)
2577-4603 (online)
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Date of publication25.12.2014
The book presents materials of XXV International coastal conference, that traditionaly organize the ''Sea Coasts'' working group of Russian academy of sciences council on the World Ocean. Collection of abstracts affect the problems of hidro- and lythodynamics of coastal zone, ecology of coasts, integrated management of coastal areas, water engineering, paleoreconstruction and prediction evolution of coasts. The book in intended for geographers, oceanologists, geologists, hydro-physicists, water engineers and for under- and post-graduate students in corresponding fields.
Code 38.01
Name Общие вопросы геологии Code NAT010000
Name Ecology Code NAT045050
Name Ecosystems & Habitats / Coastal Regions & Shorelines Code NAT025000
Name Ecosystems & Habitats / Oceans & Seas Code NAT045030
Name Ecosystems & Habitats / Polar Regions Code SCI081000
Name Earth Sciences / Hydrology Code SCI092000
Name Global Warming & Climate Change Code SCI020000
Name Life Sciences / Ecology Code SCI039000
Name Life Sciences / Marine Biology Code SOC053000
Name Regional Studies Code TEC060000
Name Marine & Naval
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