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Abstract (English):
Based on the experience of Boskalis on working between 2006 and 2011 on the construction of the St Petersburg flood barrier protection and the new shipping channel for St Petersburg, some valuable lessons can be learned to be implemented in the planned dredging works in the Black Sea.

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Boskalis is a leading service provider in the field of dredging and marine related works, dry earthworks, engineering, soil improvement, soil investigation, rock works, offshore works, heavy lift, terminal services, harbor towage and salvage.

St Petersburg flood barrier protection A2 project and shipping channel
Boskalis constructed as main contractor the S1 shipping channel and the A2 section of the St Petersburg Flood Protection Barrier, which is the final 2,5 km long section of the dam. It included a tunnel section which under crosses the new shipping channel and the flood protection barrier doors.


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