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Abstract (English):
General analysis of the distribution of crystals orientation and dislocation density in the polycrystalline system is presented. Recovered information in diffraction of X-rays adopting is new to structure states of polycrystal. Shear phase transformations in metals — at the macroscopic and microscopic levels — become a clear process. Visualizing the advances is produced by program included in package delivered. Mathematical models developing, experimental design, optimal statistical estimation, simulation the system under study and evolution process on loading serves as instrumentation. To reduce advanced methods to research and studies problem-oriented software will promote when installed. Automation programs passed a testing in the National University of Science and Technology “MISIS” (The Russian Federation, Moscow). You score an advantage in theoretical and experimental research in the field of physics of metals.

crystallographic texture, distribution of crystals orientation, rhombic texture components identification, anisotropy of plasticity predicting by optimal spherical harmonics of the orientation density, dislocation structure, correlation and long-range order in the system of dislocations, dislocation density determination by harmonics of the diffraction line physical profile, distribution of dislocation density in inhomogeneously deformed polycrystals, dislocation structure of martensitic transformation of steel
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