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Look for the opportunity to publish the book for free - we are ready to help. Under all conditions, the free edition of the monograph includes: assignment of ISBN, DOI, printing, inclusion in an electronic library and distribution of the book in Russia, Europe or the USA. To register please register on our website. The manuscript is transferred to us through the Personal Cabinet and must be formatted in accordance with the requirements of the publisher. The volume of the manuscript is up to 15 auth. sheets. The manuscript is accompanied by 2 reviews (originals or scans). The text is accompanied by an annotation and key words in Russian and English. Abstract in English should be a volume of 100 to 250 characters. Abstract in Russian for placement in the printed book should not exceed 600 characters. The abstract for placement in the electronic library by volume can be similar to the annotation in English. Pay attention to the fact that the index of DOI can be assigned to each chapter of the monograph, which will increase the chances of increasing the citation of your work. For this, it is necessary to provide the publisher with an annotation and key words for each chapter of the monograph.
Previously published works are also desirable to assign DOI, so provide annotations and keywords in English and Russian for all works transferred to the publisher. To do this, the rights to previously published works should be with the author.
In the comments to the application, indicate that you want to publish the work at the expense of the publisher.

Your book in the Library of Congress

Do you want your book to reach the largest library in the world? Nothing is impossible: Academus Publishing offers assistance in including your monograph in the funds of the Library of Congress.


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