Your book in the Library of Congress


Do you want your book to reach the largest library in the world? Nothing is impossible: Academus Publishing offers assistance in including your monograph in the funds of the Library of Congress. The Library of Congress includes books published in the US in English. Only works with a high scientific level of research and written in good language are accepted.

Academus Publishing interacts with the Library of Congress to register books of its authors, eliminating the need to understand the procedure for including, filling in forms and communicating with postal services. Our books meet all the requirements of the Library, we are preparing all necessary documentation and sending copies.

Conducting international conferences

Host your conference with the help of our publishing house


Academus Publishing

Academus Publishing is an American academic publisher that produces scientific books in English and Russian language. 


We assign DOI and ORCID

Academus Publishing publishes all DOI monographs, and ORCID numbers for all its authors. Using identifiers and working with international databases is the basis for international exchange of scientific information.


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