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We invite you to publish scientific papers in Academus Publishing. If you were wondering how to publish a monograph in the US, we answer: it's very simple. Choosing us, you can publish your books simultaneously in the USA and in Russia, providing the widest possible coverage of the target audience. We publish scientific articles, monographs, textbooks and teaching aids in Russian and English.
Do you want your scientific works to be discussed by colleagues around the world so that your work is quoted by scientists from different countries? We will help you to find readers anywhere in the world, as we constantly learn new ways of including our publications in the world scientific revolution. Today, we offer the assignment of DOI and ORCID, placing your work in an electronic database, filing an application for inclusion in the Library of Congress and registering your copyright with the USA Copyright Office.
Distribution of publications is the most important task of any publishing house, and we use for this purpose all possible formats: paper books, electronic copies, retail sales and wholesale, mobile applications and subscriptions to digital libraries. We cooperate with the largest publishers and booksellers in the USA, Europe and Russia, so that scientific publications are available to the widest possible range of readers around the world.

Your book in the Library of Congress

Do you want your book to reach the largest library in the world? Nothing is impossible: Academus Publishing offers assistance in including your monograph in the funds of the Library of Congress.


Conducting international conferences

Host your conference with the help of our publishing house


Academus Publishing

Academus Publishing is an American academic publisher that produces scientific books in English and Russian language. 


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